Happy New Year!  2018 is underway!

Hope you and your families had a nice holiday season.  With the bitter cold, our bees are hunkered down, not using much in the way of resources, but hopefully still alive.  Spring will bring the news - good or bad.

The 2018 meeting schedule is up on the site - please mark your calendars.  First meeting will be February 21st (Wednesday) at 7:00p at our usual CPI site in Pleasant Gap (CPI, Harrison Rd.).  They have generously offered to have us back for our early Spring meetings - if you have extra honey, let's bring them some! 

We welcome anyone who is interested in beekeeping - whether an experienced 'beek' or just thinking about getting started.  We'll have lots of useful information about beekeeping practices, info on how to order bees (several options will be available at the club meetings in Feb. and Mar.), and time to meet local beeks.

If you are new to this site and want to keep up with club news, sign up for the listserv.  Instructions are on the home page, right hand column.   If you decide the club is something you want to continue to be part of, we ask for a $10/yr membership fee.  You can pay that to our Treasurer at any meeting. We use the fees to purchase equipment and other beekeeping shared items from time to time and to support educational event materials and the club picnic later in the year.

Looking forward to seeing all at the February meeting!  

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