May Meeting for CCBA

We will meet at Aaron Fisher's apiary, Fisher Bee Farm, Saturday, May 20 at 2p  - see more of how a commercial operation runs;  Queen Bee Ln, McVeytown;

Hope many of us can attend - should be interesting!


April meeting for CCBA - THURSDAY April 27th (not Sat. 4/22)

We will be back at CPI in Pleasant Gap - starting at 7p. 

1) presentation on Feral Bees  - project run by PSU faculty
2) the 'bee calendar' - what to do when - open discussion

Bring a snack to share if you can - hope to see everyone there!

Dee & Nellie


March 2017 Meeting - hope to see everyone at the CCBA meeting, Wednesday, March 22 at 7p;  we will meet at CPI in Pleasant Gap - all are welcome.  If you just want to come check out the club, please join us - no obligation!

Everyone - bring a dessert or snack to share!  We will review the results of the member survey done early this year, then have parallel discussions: 1) for new beekeepers - how to install a package of bees and basic equipment
2) swarms - best practices for managing/minimizing and if you see one, how to catch it!

Hope to see everyone there!

Dee & Nellie


2017 Centre County Beekeeping off to a great start!

The club's initial meeting for 2017 was held at CPI in Pleasant Gap on Feb. 22.  About 60 people attended - new and old members, experienced and beginning beeks! We want to welcome everyone back and a special hello and welcome to new folks joining us!

We owe a special thanks to Joe DeLuca and Paul Donovan who have led this group for several years - great job!  New officers were installed - Nellie Bhattarai and Dee Bagshaw as Co-Presidents and Fran Cooley as Treasurer. One of our members kindly noted the following main points for the meeting:

  1. Joe stepped down as President, and Paul stepped down as Treasurer after years (and I mean YEARS) of faithful service.
  2. Dee and Nellie stepped up as co-Presidents, and Fran stepped up as Treasurer (dues, which are $10 per individual or family, can go to Fran Cooley, but they can wait for the next meeting you attend). Kindly extend your thanks to all of the aforementioned folks for keeping our club up and running.
  3. Joe provided an overview of equipment for beginners (there was a large number of new beeks).
  4. Craig Cella mentioned that he will be making packages available to the club ($113). Warren Miller will be making deep nucs available to the club from Aaron Fisher's bees ($120, delivery April 8). Joe Riley (Spring Creek Honey) will have bees available in May. The contact info for these folks is on the club website - www.centrecountybees.com
  5. A lot of people suffered losses this winter in their hives - discussed some reasons.
  6. Steve McAninch and another beek will be offering a workshop for beginning beeks THIS SATURDAY, 2/25. 
NEXT meeting: March 22, 7p at CPI in Pleasant Gap - topics and details to follow soon.  For more regular updates, go to the website and sign up to be on the listserve - this is where announcements are made, questions are asked and answered about your bees - join in!


February 2017 Meeting

We will hold the first meeting of the year Wednesday evening at the CPI School in Pleasant Gap. All are welcome, even if you are just exploring the possibility of keeping bees. Come out and meet some Centre County Beekeepers.

Meeting Date:

Wednesday, February 22 at 7:00


Central Pennsylvania Institute for Science and Technology (CPI)
540 North Harrison Rd
Pleasant Gap, PA


Getting bees, equipment, starting the new beekeeping season, and confirmation of new officers


  • Welcome to new beekeepers
  • Elections
  • Meeting Schedule for the year
  • Communication in the association
  • Getting Bees
  • Getting Started
  • Open discussion, question and answer session on topics raised by participants
NOTE: We will discuss opportunities for getting bees this year.

Bring some honey. To show our appreciation for the staff at CPI, we give them samples of our local honey. So, if you have a jar of honey that you would be willing to donate, please bring it.