CCBA meeting - apiary visit to Sally Mill's place - June 19th at 2p;  368 Coburn Rd, Coburn, PA

Hope to see everyone there!


 Beginning in-person apiary visits -

May 22nd, 1:00p - starting our summer IN-PERSON Apiary visits!!  Saturday, May 22nd, starting at 1:00p - visiting Nate Lewis's apiary first -
6681 Nittany Valley Dr, Mill Hall, PA 17751. Turn onto Allis Chalmers Ln for easy parking along the lane in the yard.
Then we'll move to Jim Randall's apiary (not too far away) - 57 mountain lane Mill Hall, Pa 

Please be respectful of COVID concerns - let's have some fun talking bees and be safe as well!  If you plan to be close to the working hive, please make sure you bring your bee suit and veil.   See you there!


 March 2021 club meeting - set for Wednesday, 3/31 at 6:30p;  information for zoom log in sent through the club list serv.  If you are new, please sign up for the mailing listserv on the club website and send a message - we can get the zoom info to you.

We'll talk about early Spring best practices - how to get your package of bees installed, how to get your nuc or overwintered hives going great......bring all your ideas!


 February club meeting:  Come join in the virtual zoom meeting!  Feb. 24th, 6:30p 

Zoom info sent to all through the mailing list.  Topics: winter feeding, early Spring prep, where to get new bees - nucs & packages

Hope to see you all there!  

Dee & Kathryn


 Ok - we are back up!!  We will try to get a meeting set up on Zoom for February so we can all connect.  I know some of you will be loking to order packages of bees or nucs.

Stay tuned!