We all had a good meeting at Kathryn's apiary in Boalsburg for our June meeting - lots of good questions and action. Put a couple new queens in two hives that weren't queenright and made a split from one other.

For Saturday July 20th meeting (2p) - we will be at Craig Cella's apiary near Bald Eagle State Park.  We'll meet at the Twin Kiss ice cream place on Rt. 150 about 1:45p, then drive to the apiary.  If you want to go on your own, follow below:

Proceed from Twin Kiss east on Route 150 for 2.7 miles to Schenks Cemetery Road; go right on Schenks Cemetery Road for about one-half mile to the “T”; go right through the gate and continue for about 200 yards and eureka “you have found it”.

Craig said the gate is usually locked but he will have it open for us.Bring your protective gear if you want to work in the hives.
Hope to see you there!


Members had a really good meeting at Sally's in May - thanks for hosting Sally!
Our June CCBA meeting will be Saturday, June 22nd at 3p.  We are meeting at Kathryn Miller's apiary, in Boalsburg.

From 322, headed towards Lewistown out of State College, at the stop light near Boalsburg just past the Military Museum,  take a left on Boalsburg Pike and take right on Kimport Ave.  Go to first vacant lot (near corner of Boalsburg Pike and Kimport) , just before a grey house on the left. Park in vacant lot. Walk across the field to the apiary.  There will be signs.  Call Kathryn's cell phone (814-280-1599) if you are having any trouble finding it.  Bring your protective gear if you want to work in the hives.

Hope to see everyone there!


Hi all - just a reminder that our first member apiary visit and meeting will take place this Saturday, May 18, at 2:00p,  - visiting Sally Mill's apiary.  Directions: 368 Coburn Rd.,  Rte 45 E to Millheim, Right at the traffic light, ~1.8 miles(cross Elk creek 3 times). Watch closely for 'Honey for sale' sign on right at driveway - that's the place. Bring a chair and water bottle if you need it and bee suit/veil/gloves if you want to be involved in working the hive.

Always lots to learn!  Hope your bees are doing well!



Thanks, Heath Stout, for a very informative presentation on nucs and splits at our monthly club meeting.

Next CCBA meeting:  April 24th, 6:30p;  presentation by Mark Gingrich (Gingrich Apiaries) about the PA Queen Improvement program;  meeting will be held at Mt. Nittany Middle School, 656 Brandywine Dr, State College, PA 16801 (in the library room - there will be signs);

hope to see everyone there.

Starting in May, we'll be visiting member apiaries.  First one will be Saturday, May 18, 2p at Sally's;  directions to follow


Join in - March 19th, 6:30p, at CPI in Pleasant Gap;  regular CCBA meeting;  will be a good discussion on preparing for splits and nucs; vendors will be there for packages and nucs

Hope to see everybody there!