February 2016 Meeting

We will hold the first meeting of the year next Wednesday evening at the CPI School in Pleasant Gap. We’ll talk about getting started in the new year and have plenty of time for questions and answers. All are welcome, even if you are just exploring the possibility of keeping bees. Come out and meet some Centre County Beekeepers.

Meeting Date:

Wednesday, February 17 at 7:00


Central Pennsylvania Institute for Science and Technology (CPI)
540 North Harrison Rd
Pleasant Gap, PA


Getting bees, equipment, and starting the new beekeeping season


  • Welcome to new beekeepers
  • Meeting Schedule for the year
  • Communication in the association
  • Getting Bees
  • Getting Started
  • Open discussion, question and answer session on topics raised by participants
NOTE: You will have the opportunity to order bees at this meeting. I’m sure you’ll be able to order nucs and you may also be able to order packages. We will discuss the details at the meeting, but if you want to buy bees this year, this is a great opportunity.

Bring some honey. To show our appreciation for the staff at CPI, we give them samples of our local honey. So, if you have a jar of honey that you would be willing to donate, please bring it.