2016 Meeting Schedule Set

The monthly meeting schedule is set for 2016. The first meeting is in February where we'll look forward to the coming year and answer questions for new beekeepers. It's also a good time to start pairing up mentors with those who think they could use a little help and guidance during the coming season.

If you are just exploring the possibility of keeping bees and are uncertain about joining the club, feel free to attend. You are welcome. It's a chance to meet some folks and get some questions answered with no obligation.

Starting in April, we'll meet at the apiary of one of our members. These meetings allow a chance to look at other people's bees and do hive inspections with experienced beekeepers. This is a wonderful learning opportunity and an enjoyable social activity. It's a great way to spend a spring or summer afternoon.

If you are willing and able to host one of our monthly meetings, please send an email to centrecountybeekeepers@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you in February.

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