2017 Meeting Schedule

Here's the meeting schedule for 2017. The dates for the first two meetings are firm and the others are as firm as the weather permits them to be. While it is subject to change, we'll do our best to stick to this schedule.
The April through September meetings will be held outside at one of our members' apiary.  If you would like to volunteer to host the group at your apiary, please send an email to Centrecountybeekeepers@gmail.com or see one of the officers at a meeting. 

The Dates

February 22 (Wednesday) - Central Pennsylvania Institute for Science and Technology (CPI), 540 North Harrison Rd, Pleasant Gap, PA, 7:00 pm
Topics: Meet and greet and welcome new members, getting started in beekeeping, late winter and early spring preparation, getting bees and obtaining equipment, matching mentors with new beekeepers.

March 22 (Wednesday) - CPI, Pleasant Gap, PA 7:00 pm
 Topics: Dessert potluck - bring something to share (great if honey is an ingredient);  will review Member Survey results; parallel discussions: 1) show & tell - installing your new package of bees (for new beeks) and basic equipment and 2) managing swarms - best practices and how to catch one

April 27 (Thursday) CPI, Pleasant Gap, PA 7:00 pm
Topics: Penn State Feral Bee project - presented by Dr. Margarita Lopez-Uribe, PSU/Entomology; and discussion on the 'bee calendar"; bring a snack to share

May 20 - (Saturday), 2p - Visit to Aaron Fisher's apiary  - see a commercial operation;  Queen Bee Ln, McVeytown

June 24 - (Saturday), 2p - apiary to be decided

July 22 - (Saturday), 2p - apiary to be decided

August 19 - (Saturday), 2p - apiary to be decided

September 23 - (Saturday), 2p - apiary to be decided

October 25 (Wednesday) - CPI, Pleasant Gap, PA 7:00 pm

(Saturday), 2p - apiary to be decided

Every meeting features a planned agenda and topics for discussion, but that just gets us started. There is always time for Q&A, so bring your questions and don't be afraid to ask. Beekeepers are always willing to share their thoughts.

Mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you in 2017.

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