HI all - our next member apiary visit is scheduled for Saturday, July 8th , starting at 1:00p at Jim Curtis's place - directions below from Jim:

Software based on GPS often send people to my house over the roughest road because it is the shortest route. Please follow these directions to 693 W. Sawmill Rd., Port Matilda, PA  16870. Phone is 814-692-1017:   From State College, I recommend taking I-99 south to the Port Matilda exit (which comes up very quickly after the exit for Philipsburg), and turning left at the bottom of the exit ramp to proceed into the town of Port Matilda. At the stoplight, turn right onto old 220 towards Tyrone. After a couple miles, turn right onto Reese Hollow Road, which is the first real road you will come to. Within less than a mile you will turn right onto W. Sawmill Road, which is the first real road you will come to. My house (693 W. Sawmill Rd) is the first one on the right, a white house set back from the road. You will be able to see the hives from the road. Watch for the flag with a bee on it. 

Jim hopes to go through some nucs to see if the queen has successfully mated and is now laying, and perhaps mark the queens if all is well. He will explain the Demaree approach he's been experimenting with, and go through a hive or two which have been converted to having two queens. We will take out the frames which are ready for honey extraction and split the rest of those hives into two hives.
Sylvia will demonstrate the approach to checking for mites using an alcohol wash

Perhaps if there is time we can move to the kitchen and do a little work on extracting honey from the frames that have been harvested.

Sounds like a great line up for learning/sharing. Thanks, Jim, for hosting!

Sunday, August 6th, 2023; 1:00p  visit Janis Betz's apiary;  she runs the double deep Russian chest hives - will be an interesting opportunity!  More details on address to follow.

Saturday, Sept. 16th, 2:00p;  visit Dee Bagshaw's apiary and have club picnic;  more details to follow on picnic;  4193 Sawmill Rd, Petersburg, PA  16669 (Petersburg mailing but just outside McAlevy's Fort off RT 26S); phone# 814-571-9253

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