September CCBA Meeting 9/30 @ 2:00 in Zion

September's meeting topic is Q&A and Winter Preparation. As you know, winter is still off in the distance. But the bees have been preparing for winter since the days started getting shorter back at the end of June. Learn how to counteract moisture in the hive over winter and what to feed this time of year if your hive is low on honey. Typically in central PA we need 3 mediums or 2 deeps to overwinter, but the bees don't always know that. Some people have had success overwintering a small colony in a nuc.


We'll also open up a hive or two if conditions permit. See a hands-on demonstration of how to perform a hive inspection and what to look for.

Announcement: Our hive extractor is not working well. If you are handy with fixing things and would like to take a crack at fixing it (it seems to be skipping gears), please respond to this mailing. We can offer you free extractor rental for a year if you are successful in fixing it.

In the event of inclement weather, please call (814) 777-6672 for information about rescheduling the meeting.


Next meeting: Sunday, September 30, from 2:00-4:00.
Location: Zion at the intersection of PA route 64 and PA route 550 (across the field from the Uni Mart). The approximate address is 3351 Zion Road.
Topic: Winter Preparations


Tip of the day: Do you have some honey supers on your hives that are only partially capped? Not sure what to do with them? You can put them underneath your brood boxes. The bees will move the honey up to the top of the hive this time of year. You can then store the honey supers below the brood boxes over the winter and take them off in early spring. If you do this, be sure to use a mouse guard!

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