Hello all - what strange times we are in!  Hope your bees are busy with early Spring waking up - this is a critical time for them as they raise early brood but without lots to forage.  Please keep a close eye on them and supplement as makes sense.  A few more weeks and we'll be headed into prime season!

Out of an abundance of caution, we are cancelling the scheduled club meeting this week.  If some of you were planning to order bees at the meeting, please contact the vendors directly (see some info below) - don't wait for the April meeting - might be too late, at least for packages.

If you were planning to get feeders from Aaron Fisher, please make other arrangements or perhaps this can happen at the April meeting.

For all the new Beeks - ask lots of questions here or ask for help as you get started into the Bee Year.  More experienced beekeepers will be glad to help.

We hope this unsettled time passes and we'll be able to get together in later April.

Where to get bees when you are starting from scratch:

CC (Craig Cella) - Contact at (570) 725-3682. Offering package bees from GA. Cost is $129. Approximate delivery date is April 20.

JR (Joe Riley) - Contact at (814) 353-8505 or (814) 404-1669. Offering Packages from a GA queen breeder. Cost is $125. Approximate deliveries will be April 11th and April 18th. Joe also is offering 5-frame nucs the 2nd week of May. Mediums and deeps will be available. Purchaser will borrow and return supers, or provide a super for the 5-frame nucs. Cost is $150/nuc. 

WM (Warren Miller) - Contact at superbee22@hotmail.com. Offering 5-frame deep nucs with an internal feeder in a six frame OSB box which the purchaser can keep. Bees are of mutt lineage from Fisher apiaries in Lewistown that have been overwintered in FL. Cost is $135 cash, to be delivered the first weekend in April at the CPI school around 9PM. 

Club Suppliers

• Sometimes available from 2nd year beekeepers
CC (Craig Cella) - Contact at (570) 725-3682

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