CCBA June Meeting, 6/24 at 2:00p

Hi all,

We had an interesting visit in May to Aaron Fisher's place - eye opening details about commercial bee operations.  Thank you, Aaron, for hosting the group! I know we peppered you with questions but was a good day and fun to see your operation.

Our next meeting, set for Saturday, June 24th, starting at 2:00p, will be held at Delissa and Nate's Apiary.  Their place is located at:  2929 Grahamton Rd, Morrisdale PA 16858 .  Nellie and I will both be gone that weekend on family trips but I'm sure it will be fun to see this apiary set up and talk about how they've gotten things started.  All beeks have a story to tell :-)  I hope lots of the club can take part.

I sent out info today on the listserv about the Queen Rearing education event - being held at the Gingrich Apiary in Bethel - check it out! hoping some members can participate and come back to tell us all about it.

Hope you and your bees are enjoying our intermittent sunshine!



KSmall said...

I am a State College resident concerned about the bee decline. I was told from some friends that the "self-honey harvesting" hive I was considering was not good for bees and it was suggested that I look into an arrangement where I get a hive and a local beekeeper who essentially maintains it for whatever benefit they get from it. Is there a program or professional around that might be a fit? Thanks so much, Kerry Small

zerry ht said...

Recently arranged a business meeting at one of corporate events NYC. Did a great job by arranging everything in a best way. Really liked the venue and its facilities. Planning to organize other meeting too here.