Next Meeting: Wednesday, 2/16 @ 7:00

Topic: Introduction to Beekeeping. Beginners welcome!

Whether you are a veteran beekeeper or are simply considering beekeeping and haven't taken the plunge yet, please join us for our first meeting of 2011 at the Spring Benner Walker Joint Authority, 170 Irish Hollow Road, Bellefonte, PA 16823.

We'll cover some beekeeping basics, including: equipment--what it looks like and how to use it; lighting a smoker; registering your hive; tools that can help with hive inspections; basic hive biology; package bees; and--yes--stings. We'll even have a show and tell session, + food.

Hope to see you there!


Boose said...

This sounds great. Too bad I am now living in the Philadelphia area. Any idea if there is something similar happening down this direction? Any leads on local urban beekeeping in the city? Thanks for any help you can provide. Peace.

Centre County Beekeepers said...

A local club is your best bet. The PA State Beekeepers' Assn. makes it easy to find one near you: http://www.pastatebeekeepers.org/orgs.php

newbee said...

My son is a local beekeeper in Philly, and he is a member of the Philadelphia beekeepers guild, online at: