Fall Feeding

Have you checked your bees lately? This is a friendly reminder to make sure that your hives have enough stores for the winter. The fall flow wasn’t very good here in Centre County, and your bees may need some extra support to make it through until spring.

Your top super should be full of capped honey. The bees will work their way up through the hive over the course of the winter. If you don’t have honey stores, it is very likely that they will starve.

If your top super isn't full of honey, now is a good time to combine weak hives or to feed heavily—either honey, 2/1 sugar/water syrup, or bee tea. Get as many gallons as you can into them before the temps fall to freezing at night. After that fondant will be needed.

The bees will need time to convert syrup to honey. If you are planning to feed, please don’t delay.

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