2015 Meeting Schedule

Here's the meeting schedule for 2015. The dates for the first two meetings are firm and the others are as firm as the weather permits them to be. The April through September meetings will be held outside at one of our members' apiary.

The Dates

February 25 (Wednesday) - Central Pennsylvania Institute for Science and Technology (CPI), 540 North Harrison Rd, Pleasant Gap, PA, 7:00 pm
Topics: Meet and greet and welcome new members, getting started in beekeeping, late winter and early spring preparation, getting bees and obtaining equipment, matching mentors with new beekeepers.

March 25 (Wednesday) - CPI, Pleasant Gap, PA 7:00 pm

April 25 - The Riley Apiary, Stormstown, PA 2:00 pm

May 23 - Fran Cooley's Apiary, Warrior's Mark, PA 2:00 pm

June 27 - The Hanley Apiary, Howard, PA 2:00 pm

July 25 - Gray's Woods Elementary School Apiary (Host: Roy Schaeffer), State College, PA 2:00 pm

August 22 - The O'Donnell Apiary, Bellefonte, PA 2:00 pm

September 26 - The Wilkins Apiary, State College, PA 2:00 pm

October 21 - CPI, Pleasant Gap, PA 7:00 pm

If you wish to host a meeting, please send an email to centrecountybeekeepers@gmail.com.

Every meeting features a planned agenda and topics for discussion, but that just gets us started. There is always time for Q&A, so bring your questions and don't be afraid to ask. Beekeepers are always willing to share their thoughts.

Mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you in 2015.

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